June 26, 2022
WhatsApp Is DEAD And Telegram New Features 2021 | whatsapp vs telegram

The era of telegram is coming. Now maybe Whatsapp may have to wash its hands of its customers.

Telegram which is a Russian origin app. It is constantly updating itself and has not seen any major changes in Whatsapp yet. From which it seems that now the days of Whatsapp are about to end in social media.

As you must have just come to know that Telegram has just made some new changes and has also included new features in its app. Telegram New Features.

So let’s understand in detail why Whatsapp is threatened by Telegram?

So Let’s Started

whatsapp vs telegram | Privacy Policy

In the beginning, when Telegram came in the market, there were not so many special features. But in time Telegram has developed itself well and today Telegram has become capable of competing with WhatsApp.

When Telegram was new, it did not even have the feature of making calls. And no more there were features like WhatsApp. Such as call, background change, theme change, etc.

As it has become a topic of much discussion about WhatsApp’s privacy policy in India and many things related to it have also come to the fore such as user’s privacy is not safe, data stealing, data selling, etc. headlines full of allegations. The name of WhatsApp was also attached to it.

WhatsApp also brought some new policy in the meantime, which you have to accept, otherwise you will not be able to do it to WhatsApp, even WhatsApp has told the government.

After that, there was a lot of debate on this issue, the government was also very involved in it because it was a matter of privacy for the citizens of the country. Then WhatsApp withdrew its hands because they feared losing the user. But in the meantime, many apps became famous such as Signal, Telegram, people also liked it a lot, due to the features working on these apps, people were not able to leave WhatsApp.

The Signal app was very good in privacy but people did not like its features. Then there is one app which is telegram which was much better than telegram signal, the features were also many but still many features which were in whatsapp were not in it. . Like a few days ago on video calling features, Telegram also filled that gap and not only this, 1000 people can join at a time in this new video calling feature of Telegram, which is the biggest feature so far in the chatting app.

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Telegram New Feature 2021 : You need to know

Group Video Calls

Screen Sharing during group video calls

Noise suppression during voice chats

Tablet and Desktop enhancements

Animated Backgrounds

Dedicated Bot Menu

Login Info Reminder

Download Telegram Latest Version

Feature Comparison WhatsApp Vs Telegram

End To End Encryption :
Whatsapp : According To new Privacy Policy Whatsapp Collect Your All Data
Telegram : No Collect any unnecessary data and secret chat option also available. 

File Size Limit :
WhatsApp : Max 100MB Send
Telegram :  Max 2GB Send

Status Feature :
WhatsApp : Available
Telegram : Not Available

Group Members :
WhatsApp : 250 Max Add Limit
Telegram : 2,00,000 Max Add Limit

Contact Via :
WhatsApp : Must Save Mobile Number Of User
Telegram :  Mobile Number and User Name 

Compressed Photo Video :
WhatsApp : Yes Photo And video Will be compressed
Telegram : Users have an option to compress or send the original file. 


In this article we have talked about some new news and updates of Telegram and comparison of WhatsApp and Telegram. We have told you about the features, and we have told you about the new features of Telegram in 2021. And why WhatsApp is threatened by Telegram, we have talked about it. We have told about both the upside and downside of WhatsApp and Telegram.

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