January 26, 2023
WhatsApp : How To Send Messages Without Typing

If you want to send a message in WhatsApp to anyone without touching and typing your hand, then you will need Google Assistant. With its help, you can send messages to anyone without typing. Keep reading for more information.

Today, thanks to technology, we are able to do many things very easily. If you want to message someone in WhatsApp, then you can do it with the help of Google Assistant. All you have to do is to give him a command by speaking and your work will be done.

If you are an iPhone user then Siri will help you on the basis of Assistant and if you are an Android user then Google Assistant will help you. This is a very good feature, suppose you are busy with some work and are not in a position to type, then this feature will help you a lot to send the message.

If you want this modern assistant to read the message for you, then what will happen to you? The modern assistant will also read the message for you, but for this you will not have to enable some permissions if you want this modern assistant to do your work. You will need to give access to your mobile phone’s notifications.

If you enable the permission, then Google will display your message and it will read it for you and not only this, if you have set an event in your calendar, then it will also tell you and many important notifications. Will give permission.

Whatever permission you have given to Google Assistant, you are disabled at any time, it is in your hands, so it is not a matter of concern.

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Stay tuned if you want to know how to send messages on WhatsApp without typing. Know how to send messages with the help of further Google Assistant.

WhatsApp : How To Send Messages Without Typing

WhatsApp : How To Send Messages Without Typing [Steps]

Step 1 : First of all, you will have to install Google Assistant in your smartphone and if it is already installed then say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”, otherwise press the home button of your smartphone and hold for a while Your Google Assistant is activated. Will be done.

Step 2 : After installation, open it and say “Hey Google”

Step 3 : After opening Google Assistant, when the assistant speaks to you from the front. Then you will say “Send a message to XXX [NAME]” here you will say the name of the person to whom you want to send the message.

Step 4 : Then Google Assistant will ask you what to send in the message? The one whom you have mentioned. Then you have to say the message you want to send.

Step 5 :  After this the assistant will type your message and show it to you. Google Assistant will say this message is ready to send. After that all you have to say is “OK SEND IT” then Google Assistant will send that message immediately.


How to send messages to anyone without typing in WhatsApp? In this, we have given you complete information about how you can send messages in WhatsApp with the help of Google Assistant without typing. You can also say new whatsapp tips and tricks or a new feature for WhatsApp.

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