June 27, 2022
How WhatsApp Make Money?

Talking about technology, technology has become an important part of our life. From this morning till the night of sleep, we do not know how many technologies we use, one of the technologies is whatsapp that we use everyday in our life to talk with someone, to share our ideas with someone. For our personal purpose, the question must have come in your mind that WhatsApp gives us so many services absolutely free, so what is the benefit of WhatsApp and no one shows us in their application? If someone charges from us, then how does whatsapp make money?
If you say this thing must have come in your mind and if you have come then only you are reading my article today, then today I will give you complete information on this topic How will WhatsApp make money?

As you all know that WhatsApp is a product of Facebook company and the owner of which is Mark Zuckerberg.

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Highlight Question
–So whatsapp is working for free?
–WhatsApp company employee working for free?

So this is a very interesting thing and to know the whole thing, we have to know from the beginning when WhatsApp was created by one person-
 WhatsApp is built in February 2009, so when it was created in February 2009, it was talked about that it would be kept very personal and no commercial ads would be run on it, who also created WhatsApp. And he will charge you some $ 1 or  ₹ 75 for the year, WhatsApp for the first year was absolutely free but if you start using it from next year, then you will have to pay ₹ 75 means that you will have to pay him $ 1 a year. You will be able to use it for the whole year and neither you nor any ad will be shown in it, it is a good thing.

 But later in 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion and added it to its parent company Facebook and now wanted to make money in Facebook because any company, if they have invested their money, then its profit If you wanted to invest $19 billion dollars to buy WhatsApp on Facebook, then obviously, they also wanted their profits.

But as you all know that this whole technology is the most important thing in the world, it is data and if I talk about it today, Facebook has got the data of many people because nowadays you can see that in 10 off 9 people use WhatsApp today, whether on Facebook or not, but they must be running WhatsApp as I told you above that WhatsApp has become an important part of our life.

Whatsapp and Facebook Ads (Data Collection Allegation)

A few years ago, a lot of allegations were made on Facebook that it is trying to strengthen its Facebook Advertising (Facebook Ads) platform by taking user data and user behavior data, that is, by collecting user data with the help of WhatsApp According to his target audience, which user needs what, according to that what the user needs, that system collected data from WhatsApp and started telling Facebook and creating the user’s data and the things happening in the middle of the user and Facebook is storing all the topics on which things are being talked about. Many such allegations were leveled against him. You have not understood yet, let me tell you a little in detail about this-

What do you talk about the most on WhatsApp-
— What is your age?
— Where are you from?

So by collecting all this data, he tells the system that the people here like this, the people here like that, according to that you will see ads on your Facebook, accusing Facebook of taking the data of WhatsApp. He is making his ad and advertising good so that he can earn money through Facebook. And you guys know that Facebook money comes down only through its advertising.

But later he denied the allegation that there is no such thing, we are not collecting any user’s data, because there were allegations on Facebook from many places from India and countries outside India that he was on WhatsApp Through collecting its data and strengthening its advertising strategy, but Facebook did not accept this thing later. They said that we are not doing anything like this and later they changed their policy policy too Did that we are not collecting any data. So because of this you do not have any direct aid show.

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How Does Whatsapp Make Money Via Whatsapp Business

But Whatsapp Business, this is another version of WhatsApp, which is used by people who run the business, who have to talk to their customer, then they can use WhatsApp, but note that this is a version of WhatsApp. It is a little different from the normal user, it has a lot of such functions that are not given in normal WhatsApp, like Auto Replay, with the help of which if a customer is messaging you on a WhatsApp business account, then you can get it through the auto reply You can send messages and you can tell the details of your business that we have all these products. If you see, this is a premium service, then WhatsApp Business is an application made for a businessman, then it is made for a businessman, then money can be taken from it, so I told you that you have to send an auto reply to any customer. You can send it simply, but you can also take premium service in it and you will have to pay for that thing.

So WhatsApp has brought a lot of people to its platform, but it has changed a lot with its service over time, as I told you that he got WhatsApp Business Introduced to any part of the business man talking to his customer If you are very easy, then there are many features in the WhatsApp business that can be useful to a businessman and if there is a businessman and he has to connect with any customer instantaneously, then he will take this premium service.

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How Does whatsapp Make Money Via Whatsapp Money Transfer

So there was a news that you can send money to anyone with the help of WhatsApp, that means WhatsApp Pay (Whatsapp Money), through this, a WhatsApp user can send money to another WhatsApp user. And as you all know that the base of WhatsApp is very large, it has a lot of users connected all over the world, so you can understand that there is a huge user chain on WhatsApp, which has more than half of the world’s population connected. So, WhatsApp can also earn money from this money transfer feature, because you must have been earning, because you all know that there is a bank or any UP or any other, then there are some charges in it. In money transfer, you can understand how WhatsApp can make money. Although the feature of WhatsApp money transfer has not yet arrived in India, but soon it will launch it in India as well.

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Which means WhatsApp platform is over and what can be done so that you can earn money, then I have told you here two ways that WhatsApp can make money, however, like any other platform, it will show you advertising by directing you to make money. I do not earn, but he earns money from you indirectly, then I talked about two such routes from where WhatsApp earns money –
1. Whatsapp Business
2. Whatsapp Money Transfer

Now it has also been heard that WhatsApp can also type with Reliance Jio, with the help of which any user can go to the official store of Reliance Jio and if someone makes a purchase then payment with the help of Easy Whatsapp Will be able to do but this news is not sure, let us see what happens next.

 So in the end, the only thing is that on the Internet where there is an audience (UseBase), money can be made, whether it is in direct or indirect, and it is obvious that if any company is in billions of dollars. If investing, any company will think its profit because companies will not run without profit.

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