June 26, 2022
New : How To Start YouTube : beginner To Advance Tips & Tricks 2021

So today we would first like to know How To Start YouTube but rether than First need to know what YouTube is, then YouTube is a video sharing platform. Where you can make your own personal channel and reach your videos to people, and you can also watch videos of many people by going to that platform.

Right now the YouTube is world best video sharing plateform ever daily millions of videos are uploaded in YouTube and millions of minuites watching by people from all over the world.

Youtube is free plateform and they give to opportunity to get earning from your video so many people are earn money from the youtube and now day every one is decided to open a YouTube channel and earn money that is good but every one don’t have a proper knowledge how to start means what is your first step and how to start your YouTube channel growth in 2021?

If u want to get success in this field and you are completly new in this plateform then dont worry about is Daily Tech Fast is help to grow your starting phase in youtube and Give tips and Tricks About How To Start YouTube.

How To Start YouTube : beginner To Advance Tips & Tricks 2021

How To Start YouTube First OverView Of YouTube :-

– YouTube is an American online video sharing platform located in the California United States.
– The CEO of Inn is Susan wojcicki, which became in 5 feb 2014.
– YouTube’s total revenue in 2019 is US $ 1500 million

If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, then keep these things in mind, if you follow these tips, you can create a successful YouTube channel. This Points Solve Your How To Start YouTube channel Problem

How To Success In YouTube : Step By Step Tips & Tricks

1. Plan Your Content for YouTube channel

Before starting YouTube channel, Lots Of People Confuse About How To Start YouTube. So First of all you should fix one of your topics. On which you will create video content and make your videos accessible to people so that you can take a good amount of views and gain subscribers in a good amount and create an interesting content. So that more people can connect with you and people will also enjoy watching your videos.

You can name your YouTube channel based on your content. So that if anyone watches your channel, then they will know that you are working on a specific topic. Such as travel blog, roast, information, news, education portal etc. By seeing this, the person who is watching will show more interest in you according to their own and will enjoy your videos.

2. Make videos with right Equipment

How To Start YouTube Next Point Is You just started your YouTube channel. So it is very important to have equipment from normal so that you can make a good YouTube video with his help. For this you do not need to spend a lot of money from starting, you can start a YouTube career on a budget from a simple one, and the successful YouTube you have today also started from a simple stage. Like you can record video from your phone, have a cheap tripod and a mic used in a phone so that your voice can be recorded well.

 Many people make a big mistake here that they think that If a big YouTube DSLR is being used, then we will also purchase and use DSLR and make a video and put it on YouTube after making a video. So Views will come Not at all. You can record your video from your phone and you can edit your video in simple editing software, for that you do not need to buy any expensive software in the stage of starting beginner.

All you have to keep in mind while recording a video is that the quality of the video should be good and whether your voice is clear in the microphone you are using. Because you will put this video in YouTube and your audience, who is watching this video of you, if you do not hear your voice well or if the video is in low quality then it will not be fun to watch and it will not be fun to listen. If it comes, it can cause problems, so you take care of these things. I am not saying that you purchase an expansive microphone, get a good cheap microphone and sharpen it so that your voice is recorded properly.

3. Keep yourself motive and think positive side

How To Start YouTube Guide this point is very useful for new YouTubers because what is there is a lot of people turn on YouTube channels and upload four or five videos on it, but it does not get views, the audience does not watch your videos, someone If you do not comment on videos, then you get demotivated by watching all these things and close your YouTube channel in 10 or 15 days. So this is the only time when you should be restrained and have little pens. So that you work harder in this phase and self-promote yourself and do not stop making video content and regular uploading videos on your YouTube channel.

Very often it happens that you compare your YouTube channel with another big YouTube channel and get demotivated. So you do not do this at all, there is no need to compare yourself to anyone else. All you have to do is focus on your channel and give the best content to your viewers so that they give more interest to your channel and you get an opportunity to grow yourself more.

4. Do video editing in simple software For Start YouTube

How To Start YouTube Next Point is You have just joined this new field, so edit your quality videos in simple editing software. Because the big company’s editing software which are paid like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Primer Pro, they all have a very high cost (price) and it would be stupid to put so much money in the days of starting. So you should start editing your video with simple and free software such as Window Movie Maker, Apple iMovie. This is also a great software for your video editing.

If you are new in this field, then I will remark that there is no need to get paid software. Because you are in the Already Struggle field, your revenue is not being generated. So, we have to spend the least amount of money now, this is the first thing to keep in mind. For this, use free editing software only.

5. Optimize your YouTube video

How To Start YouTube Next Point is, If you are on a new YouTube, then you need to know what optimization happens. You have probably heard that Google has an algorithm, YouTube also has an algorithm. On the basis of which YouTube indexes your video in search, like if you live in the United States and someone else is searching from New Zealand, then if their search results match your video, then your video is found on YouTube search list. And will show that user and the user liked your thumbnail and title and the quality contact they want is in your video title So it seems that what happens is the algorithm does see your videos work YouTube optimization and know how optimization YouTube video.

You should keep a good thumbnail on your video and give it a good title, it should also contain keywords. You can also keep the keywords related to the content on which you have created the video in your title and tag your video and keep it in the specific category so that by doing all this your video will rank YouTube on your index.

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6. Regular Upload video on YouTube

How To Start YouTube Next Point is an important point that you will have to keep regular videos. On your YouTube channel because a lot of people do that in a small gap videos so that YouTube doesn’t rank their channel quickly and if you put video content on a regular basis on your YouTube channel then make share your growth YouTube But it will be faster.

If you want to become a successful YouTube, then you have to have content and it is also very important to put them on YouTube on a regular basis. Many people do not know this and many people do not work on it despite knowing this So if you want to become successful YouTube and then you have to put videos on YouTube on a regular basis.

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So In This Article we are talk About How To Start Youtube and how to be Run a Success Full YouTube channel in 2021. We are Provide Some Most Important Information about YouTube In This Article From The Scretch. Must Read This YouTube Growth Hacks From Daily tech Fast

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