June 27, 2022
How To Start Blogging

Today many people are think to start a blog on internet but they have no idea how to start blogging and which type of niche they will be selected and write about that some people are lil bit confused about blogger and wordpress or any other CMS (Content Management System) platform.

Your Question –
How to make a blog?
How to make money from blog?
Lot’s of people have to make a career in the field of blogging and earn money from blog, but they do not know which steps are very important in the face of starting. If you are thinking of making a career in any field, then the steps of starting are very careful because those steps decide your future In the blogging career too, you have many steps that you will have to follow in starting and today we will talk on the same track in this article and will teach you how you can make your first blog and how you can become a successful blogger.

How To Start Blogging All Steps –

Step #1 : Select a Perfect niche for your blog
Step #2 : Select a Blogging Platform
Step #3 : Pick a Domain Name
Step #4 : Get a web hosting
Step #5 : Starting a blog in WordPress
Step #6 : Select a theme and design for your blog
Step #7 : Write content and promote your blog

So Now Get knowledge Step by Steps brief Description help for making a good blogger and your all Questions will be solve in this how to start blog steps –

Step #1: Select a perfect niche for your blog

How To Start Blogging & Make 100% Money From Blogging

First Step for run a successful blog select a perfect niche for your blog.

First of all, you should like to select your niche which you have the most interest. That way follow your passion and start your awesome blogging journey.

Second thing is select audience base niche, If u are able to write any types related niche then must see the audience and find a perfect niche for targeted audience.

Once you choose a perfect niche after validate this 3 essential steps

  • Check Niche Volume/Traffic.
  • Check Your Niche Competitor. 
  • Analyze the google monetization possibilities.

These 3 Steps are given a proper direction for selecting  a perfect blog niche through the volume/traffic and also see the competitor and see the possibilities of approving your google adsense monetization. 

Step #2: Select a Blogging Platform

How To Start Blogging & Make 100% Money From Blogging

This step is also essential because it totally depends on your goal. Two types of people are in blogging field 1. Just Write and Share Knowledge(Not Professional/ No Earn money) 2. Passionate about  blogging and they want to earn money from  writing blogs. 

Two platform in blogging   –
1. Free Platform (Free hosting/ free extension domain)
2. Premium Platform  (Paid hosting/self hosting/premium domain)

Free Platform –

Many new bloggers use this free platform during the starting stage like Blogger.com , WordPress.com, Wix.com, etc.

Always understand “free” Always comes with limitations. Many people are starting his blog with the popular free platform BlogSpot.com, WordPress.com, wix.com and this platform consider your website as a subdomain and your website domain name looks like this XYZ.blogspot.com , XYZ.wordpress.com, XYZ.wix.com. This platform give you a free hosting and domain name but with lots of limitations. If u test your blog than its ok but if are serious about blogging, you’ll have to start with the paid service for custom domain name and web hosting.

Premium Platform – 

You have to start blogging then I prefer to purchase a  premium service  aslo called self-hosted System like web hosting and custom domain name and Self Hosted System  provide different different types of CMS(Content Management System). Most popular free open source system is called wordpress.org.

Premium platform allows you to setup and run your blog using your own custom domain name and web hosting. You have full control of your blog and its content. It will cost a few dollars per month for the web hosting account/ webspace and spend a few dollars of your domain name per year. The actual blogging software is Free.

If u want to earn money from your blog then i would suggest to buy a premium platform because compared to free platform premium give best optimization options and google suggest optimize website in first page result.

How much does it cost to start a bolg?

Start with Basic plan of 1 year pricing compare table of  4 most popular Blogging Solutions. With free custom domain name. I will Show SiteGound Company’s Special WordPress hosting Pricing plan.

Price / Month* $6.99/mo.$9.99/mo.$14.99/mo.
Website Host* 1 Website UnlimitedUnlimited
Daily Backup* YesYesYes
SSL Certificate*  FreeFree Free
30 Day Money back*YesYesYes
SitGround plan price chart

I will personally use Site Ground hosting and this is cheap and best hosting for new bloggers and worldwide 2+ million of  wordpress users are running the SiteGround hosting. 

Step #3 : Pick a Domain Name

How To Start Blogging & Make 100% Money From Blogging Step #3 : Pick a Domain Name for blogging daily tech fast

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet.

No matter what your niche is, it’s your blog’s unique address on the internet. Your custom domain fees are approx 10$ – 15$ per year or get a best discount then it will be less  then this price.

Must select the domain name extension the most popular extension is (.dot) com domain and if u targeting any country audience then u will select according to your niche like .ca .au .in .us etc…

If you can’t find the domain name you like, SiteGround will let you choose a Free Domain later. That will give you time to do some research and thinking.

Step #4 : Get a web hosting

How To Start Blogging & Make 100% Money From Blogging Step #4 : Get a web hosting for blogging daily tech fast

After Select domain now its time to select a reliable web hosting server will be one of the most imp decision you can make.

a better hosting is nothing but provide 24/7 support and well optimize and boost your website performance and i will suggest best cheap and good hosting provider is called SiteGround.com

Many hosting provider is there but generally in the starting phase everyone are find one compatible and reliable service provider and the SiteGround is best for cheap shared hosting and special wordpress hosting provider compared to other providers. Most companies provide a free domain for one year when you buy a service. 

The Wrong web host is major effect on your blog. Your web host is a major piece of the puzzle to creating a successful blog therefore, you must choose a reliable provider.

How To Get Hosting From SiteGround

How To Start Blogging & Make 100% Money From Blogging

Step 1: Choose a Hosting Plan :

How To Start Blogging & Make 100% Money From Blogging

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name :

Step 3: Review and Complete the Order :

Many company are provide a web host services
1. Godaddy
2. SiteGround
3. Hostinger
4. Bluehost
5. Hostgator
6. Dreamhost
And many more…

Step #5 : Starting a blog in WordPress

So now time to implement your idea on reality means time to make a blog using wordpress and this  is very important to understand how to make or setup your blog.

Start a Blog With WordPress so after buy web host and connect the domain name with your web host.

Step 1 : Install WordPress
Step 2 : Setup Secure Id and Password
Step 3 : Select Well Optimize WordPress Theme (Its Free)
Step 4 : Make a Pages (Privacy Policy, Desclimer, Term and Condition)
Step 5 : Install Basic Plugin (SEO, Image catch, many more…)
Step 6 : Decided Your Niche related category and define
Step 7 : Write Your first blog post

Watch This Video. This video is provide information about buy hosting and domain and how to install wordpress and how to chose a theme and how to select a plugin aand how to optimize your blog website.

Step #6 : Select a theme and design for your blog

WordPress Theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a website. These files are called template files.

If u want to make one attractive and good looking blog website then u want to choose a perfect theme. because that reflects the blog content and visitors are looking at your blog website structure and its very important to select a perfect theme for bloggers. 

In my opinion, there are more than enough free WordPress themes to choose from for any blog topic.

Two Types Of Theme –
1. Free Theme
2. Paid Theme 

1. Free Theme – 

WordPress has a lot of free themes and most bloggers use a free theme because generally needed features are included in the free themes.

If u have any Query about free themes then Click Here and visit WordPress.org/ Theme Center

And I also suggest to use a free blog theme and all types of theme are available like if u want to make food blog website then also available food blog related themes and if u have any type of niche then don’t worry about that all types of themes are available on wordpress.

2. Paid Theme – 

WordPress also provides an option users can also upload any outside customize themes like if are develop or buy from another platform but themes are made under the php coding because wordpress support php and mysql.

Paid Theme is near to 50$ – 200$ as per your requirement and provides so many different types of  facilities but this theme budget is high.

Paid Theme Provider
ThemeForest Premium Theme
WordPress.com Primium Theme

Step #7 : Write content and promote your blog

How To Start Blogging & Make 100% Money From Blogging Step #7 : Write content and promote your blog daily tech fast

you’ve established a domain name, chosen your blog hosting site, set up the blog theme, and you are ready to go. Your framework is complete.

Now Come to the performance stage and first of all  u will learn how to write a seo friendly blog article.In the blogging world, any useful information that you share with readers is called “content.” Your content must be valuable to your readers or visitors. So write valuable content for the reader. 

U want to write an attractive content article then It’s time to decide if your blog will be composed of words, photos, graphics, audio, video, etc.

Three things your content should do

  • Your content should speak to a specific audience.
  • Your content should be easily accessible.
  • Your content may be commercially purposed.

how you can create quality content? It’s simple.

Here is a simple 3-step approach to making great content of any type:

  • Point – State your main idea and point you are covering.
  • Prove – Give an example of the idea you are covering.
  • Perform – Give a simple way to execute the idea.

Start promoting your blog :

After Write one good and informative article now it’s time to promote your article/blog. Promotion have different type like online ads and social share , etc… 

I would recommended organic traffic from google in the starting time don’t spend money on the Advertisement.

If u have a good amount of budget then it’s ok to go with online advertising method but if u have limited budget then don’t worry share in social handles and better optimize your article and gain traffic from google in organic way.

Read – Digital Marketing Next Future ?

Let’s look variety of promoting and marketing activities you can tack authority online and a successful blogger.

  • Lets share with your friends via social media 
  • Submit your URL in Google Search Consol / Webmaster Tool (Google, Bing, Yandex)
  • Submit your blog to bookmarking site.
  • Active on your niche on various community
  • Active on social media.
  • Guest Blogging.
  • Start Building your mail list
  • Advertising on web (PPC / Paid Traffic) 

Step #8 : Make Money Form Blogging

How To Start Blogging & Make 100% Money From Blogging Step #8 : Make Money Form Blogging daily tech fast

Monetization is the process of transforming  blog activity into earnings. You should keep in mind that blogging is not just about making money. Blogging is about creating useful content that will attract readers/users and make them come back for more.

If you spend a lot of time in one particular niche and you will get expertise on a particular niche and get a good amount of visitors and loyal followers then now you will get more income from the blog. 

Blog Monetization Channels – 

2020 study of blogging industry show that 59.9% of blogger make money through the blog. But how u can monetize your blog? There are Several options choose as per your need –

  • Google Adsense 
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Selling Your Own Product and Services
  • Sponsored Post / Advertisement banner on page 


How to make a blog & make money in 2021 this article is help to start your career as a blogger and which important steps you will do in this starting phase of blogging future and learn about Domain name, Web Host, WordPress, SEO, and how to setup your blog in wordpress and help to select the perfect theme for your blog in wordpress and also give video tutorial for better understanding of knowledge. also show the various earning platform for blogger and this is help to earn money after make a good blog and help in 2021. Grow Up blogging Future.

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